Sunday, October 4, 2009

See If I remember how!

Shock of shocks! A blog!! I think it's been about 4 months. I'm guessing that it's been a busy summer, and I'm settling into the old routine with Mel back at work.

Farming has finally dwindled to ONLY two farms, and I'm doing minimums in them as I've gone just about as far as I can go in them. But, I'm really enjoying Yoville. I've about filled up my apartment, and am saving to buy a house. The picture above is of my YoVille avatar. Though I gave her a hair cut, yesterday, and will have to post the new me!

I turned the heater on yesterday, and put a blanket on the bed--yes, it's definitely "falling". I brought in 6 of the 7 humming bird feeders, and cleaned them up and put them away until next spring. I still have one hummer lagging, and enjoying his exclusive feeder. I'll miss my hummers, but am ready to rest from trying to keep up with them. Each year it amazes me how much nectar they can devour each day.

Hugs to any reader passing through. I'll try to remember to check for comments. lol


Lo said...

So enjoyed seeing you blog again! Judy will be I was too. I have asked this before on Yoville and never got an answer..I will try here. How do you get your avatar on everything? I would like it to show up where my picture is on chats etc. like you do. Going back to read what I said about cats. My cat is alive and well...I had two once and the first one died but that was years ago.

mrsmel said...

I realized after I'd posted that it was Annie's cat that passed. Sorry for her--glad that it wasn't yours.

To post YoVille avatar, I right click on my avatar in the forum profile. Select publish to desktop then upload to Facebook profile pictures. I also have the picture saved in a Yoville folder on my computer. Good luck! And more hugs! Hey--quick comment! :-)

My Road thru Life said...

We did the same as you, we turned on the heat and added a blanket to the bed. I miss the hummers already too. Good to see you back on the blog.