Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Older son from Wichita had mentioned, a while back, that he and the family would like to visit us on father's day if it wouldn't be a burden on me. I think he had the ulterior motive of checking up on me, but I promised him that I would not overtax myself. He asked if it would be possible to keep their visit a surprise to "Poppa".  I said that I'd not tell him, unless a good reason to do so came up. 

Curt (son) had to work Saturday morning, but the plan was to drive here after work, arriving late evening. I was tempted to spill the beans to Mel a couple of times, but decided the surprise would outweigh any reason he might need to  prepare for their visit. So, Saturday evening Mel fixed our dinner as usual, and after eating, Mel announced that he was going to check the water level. (rising/falling water affects the launching of the boat). I knew that they'd be pulling in at any moment, but said nothing as Mel walked out the door.

The timing could not have been more perfect if we'd had walkie-talkie communication. As Mel stepped out the front door, Curt was turning into our drive. Now, we live in an ultra remote area, and unannounced guests are very rare. Mel did not recognize the car, and when he saw who it was, was genuinely, and pleasantly shocked. 

On Sunday Curt, Mel, and the two granddaughters went fishing. What a glorious  Father's Day it was. There was the bonus of catching fish!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


My lab reports came back with everything in perfect order! Treatment is back on the schedule. All set to go to KC on the 29th, with treatment early morning on the 30th. Can hardly wait.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday was "someday"! 

My house is pretty well organized, and I try to maintain it clutter-less. But, drawers and closets are another matter.  I have improved greatly over the years, but a funny incident 1980 (ish) started the transformation. Mel is a true neat-nick and an amazing organizer. No matter the size of the job, it is compartmentalized, and if he was blindfolded, he could put his hand on any item at will. He also keeps everything in repair and well cared for. (he still has a pen I gave to him in 1973-it still works, and he has back-up refills). 

Anyway, one day he asked me where "blank" was, and I replied that it was in the junk drawer. He then made the enlightening statement, "Would you be more specific, please." I still get a laugh out of that moment's realization that all of my drawers were "junk" drawers. Mel never complained, but my lack of organization must have driven him nutty! Since then, he became the "drawer" man. If things start to get out of hand (food storage containers and lids, for instance) I can now ask "Mr. Neat" to please put things back in order.  *poof* He's on it!

One major exception to "neat & tidy" was the linen closet. That became more and more cluttered over the years, until I had no idea what was in there, or how long it had been there. It was not quite "Fibber McGee", but close. Every time we (either of us) opened that closet, (a large closet) we commented, "some day". Yesterday was "some day"! I finally cleaned out that closet, and now have lots of stuff to get to trash and to resale shop. Ahhhh! Feels so good!