Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good morning!

I got up early to get my 2 farms in order and to do my morning "coin run" in YoVille before my cinnamon rolls are ready. But, Facebook is not cooperating, and it won't let me into any of their games--there hasn't been a post in 2 hours, so apparently I'm not the only one. At least my rolls won't burn up for hours, yet. It makes me realize just how hooked I am on the programs FB offers. I think that I should get off the computer, let the games go, and get on with my life. But, why? I really enjoy the games, and I have nothing better to do! So, I'll keep trying to get in, and try not to let the frustration bother me.

Huge hugs!


Lo said...

I feel your pain! I am hooked just as bad as you are. I even have the hubby trained to remind me when it is time to get cookies out of the oven on Yoville! I love the mansion on Farmville that you got. That looks a lot more like a mansion than the one on Farmtown.

mrsmel said...

I agree with the FV mansion. I was impressed. I'm back to normal on the getting around. But storms coming. 100% chance of rain--flood watches out. Fingers crossed.

My Road thru Life said...

You must really be hooked on those Facebook games. I'm glad I never started them. For one thing I can't sit at the computer that long as my back can't take it, but I'm glad you and Lois are having so much fun. Enjoy, but please keep writing on your blog too.