Saturday, October 10, 2009

For Judy

I'm sorry that you aren't able to sit at the computer and play the games. I know that you'd have a blast! But, thanks for recognizing your limitations! You are so smart to put real life above "virtual" fantasies. You have such a wonderful family, and can occupy your time with them.

You are the envy of so many! Think about it--computer games vs. hubby, kids, 11 fantastic grandchildren, and a bunch of real life friends--no comparison! In your situation I'd get off the computer and play "real life" too!

Love, hugs & kisses!


My Road thru Life said...

Most of what you said Katy is so true and I feel very blessed and I thank God every day. But I don't have any friends in the area or in the neighborhood and sometimes it gets very lonely when Terry is down in the basement or his man cave doing his thing. He can always find something to do or play with for hours and it's then that I wish I could sit at the computer for longer and play. But I still fell very blessed in many other ways so I won't complain, I'll find a good book to read and enjoy. Hugs.

mrsmel said...

Perhaps a laptop could allow you to do both--get in more comfortable positions, and stay on-line playing with your "old" friends. Hugs!