Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Off!

We will be leaving in a few hours for Wichita to spend Thanksgiving with the family. I hope to have lots of good blogs and pictures when we get back. Know that I'll be thinking of you, and am so thankful for your friendship. I feel you are part of my family, now.  Huge hugs!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Janie!

I know that it's been ages since I last wrote a blog, and that you've been waiting to hear the gossip—but I have no news on that front. I'll just say that it's been "interesting" and that I'll give details another time. My other sister is coming in (she and hubby in RV from CA) today. It is her 70th birthday, and we're excited for them to arrive. I mention Jan's age with a quote from her: "I've been making a fool of myself declaring to all I meet that my birthday is coming and I'll be 70.  Folks look at me strangely, but I don't care,  I sure never expected to get this far.  It's wonderful." She is a type one diabetic, and has been insulin dependent since she was 6 years old—one of only two in the US to have survived so long! They are both looking to go down in the record books as the oldest surviving diabetic—and I'm betting on sis.  Hugs!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday—almost there!

There have been some major changes around our house in the last few days. Sister, Linda (trucker who married 1 year ago last August) has left her husband, and will soon be on her way here to stay with Mel and me for a few weeks. The marriage has been rocky, and this is very good news that she has escaped his possessive grasp. The only sad part of the separation is his 11 year old daughter, who has no alternative but to continue living with the "drug addict" (her words).

I won't go into details of their woes, but will fill you in on my plans for the next couple of days. Linda is currently in Alaska, but will get on a plane to Kansas City at 9:00 this morning, and will arrive at 9:00 tonight in KC. (rough times). Then, she'll take a bus to Springfield (12:15 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.) where I will meet her. My plan, then, is to go to bed with Mel (by 9:00 tonight—sure) and get up with him (4:30 a.m.). I'll take off as soon as I can, and hopefully beat the morning Springfield commute. Springfield is more than an hour away in ideal conditions. After, I connect with sis, we'll head back home, and I'll stop by my polling place and hopefully find a short line so that I can vote. Sheesh! How's that for a schedule?

If my blogging is skimpy for a while, you'll know why. Sis is in serious need of lots of TLC, and is coming to the right place. Hugs!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time change day is upon us again. Don't forget.

I'll be going to Springfield for the required Methotrexate level blood work, to be drawn 48 hours after the infusion. 

My mind is busy on other things beside writing a blog, so I'll make this short, and pick out an interesting topic to tell about at a better time.  
Huge hugs!